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Case Study
Enterprise-Wide Analysis of Identity Access Management (IAM)

Discover how Oxford provided an independent analysis of enterprise-wide Identity & Access Management (IAM) capabilities and toolsets.

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Five Tips for Managing Stakeholders

In this featured article by Diana Alt, learn best practices to help manage your stakeholders.

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Case Study
PMO Onboarding and Operations

Discover how Oxford's project management services worked in support of our client’s efforts to establish more effective project control and communications.

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Case Study
Native and Mobile First Experience Design

Our client wanted to provide customers with the ability to self-manage their own accounts. Learn how Oxford helped them create an interactive, real-time digital experience in both native and mobile first responsive environments.

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Three Superpowers of Great Consultants

In this article by Diana Alt, explore the innate superpowers that Great Consultants possess, and how they can help your organization thrive. 

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Creating Cyber Resilience: Plan for Today, Prepare for Tomorrow

The business world is no stranger to cybersecurity concerns. However, the COVID-19 pandemic compounded the problem and impacted how network protection was provided to organizations as they created a digital workforce.

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Networking During a Pandemic

In this featured article by Diana Alt, learn more about the challenges and opportunities involved when networking during a pandemic. 

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How Technology is Enabling the Life Sciences Industry to Shift in Response to COVID-19

Life sciences is experiencing rapid adaptation in the face of the global pandemic. The response to the shifting landscape can be seen in the accelerated adoption of a digital roadmap.

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Virtual Care: Putting the Patient at the Center

COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate, work, interact, and engage. In the healthcare industry, this is arguably the most evident. Radical differences can be seen across the industry, allowing for an acceleration of virtual care.

Woman having remote interview
How to Master the Remote Interview: Nine Tips to Find the Right Talent

The remote video interview is here to stay — learn how to master this important first impression and ensure you are engaging the right talent.

Man conducting virtual meeting
Eight Ways You Could Be Undermining Your Professional Credibility

An important lesson to remember is that respect isn’t earned once and kept forever. To maintain it, you must do more than just good work. Here are eight ways you may be undermining your credibility.

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Evolving Your Leadership Style

The differences between managers and leaders are shifting. For an organization to thrive, each individual should have a goal of learning, improving, and innovating. This holds true at every level, but especially for those in leadership roles.