In an industry where the slightest detail can make all the difference, you need the right people on your side. Oxford’s healthcare consultants are prepared to support your organization just as you support your patients and customers.

Backed by People

Our healthcare solutions are built by experts with strong industry experience to help you meet your organization’s goals of better access, enhanced experience, and improved patient outcomes.

Areas of Focus

Our service offerings include digital health IT, AI, cloud, and mid-revenue cycle expertise, to support your overall technology roadmap.


We are dedicated to helping healthcare organizations on their digital journey, so that you can provide better patient and user experience, improved accessibility to care, and better outcomes. We have the best solutions and people on demand to ensure success.


As regulatory pressure, economic constraints, and new technologies increase pressure on the healthcare industry, the success of payer organizations is increasingly judged by the quality of the health outcomes they deliver. Our healthcare payer consulting offers a comprehensive range of services that integrate extensive business, clinical, and technical expertise to help you improve profitability and productivity.

Our Capabilities

Like creating a relationship with a patient, we get to know you first. That way, when you need something, we understand exactly how to help. Whether it’s regulatory concerns or improvements to coding, we have the right person or team to help create the outcomes you want.

Custom Fit Solutions.
Designed AroundYou.

Business is not one-size-fits all, and that’s why Oxford’s global network of pre-vetted expert consultants is your perfect partner. Whether you need to rapidly update your enterprise systems, want us to manage a project from start to finish, or need help transforming your business into the digital age, we’re ready to help you succeed.
Modern Enterprise

Modern Enterprise

We design and develop solutions to optimize a company’s business through smart use of people, process, technology, and data. Our solutions give you the insight and control you need to improve how your business is run.

Workforce Mobilization

Workforce Mobilization

We work with you to tailor our approach to best fit your needs. Whether you want co-managed staff augmentation or fully outsourced projects, we’ve got all you need.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We help you accelerate business growth with the latest technology, turning you into a digital-first enterprise.

The Right Talent.
Right Now.

When you’re ready, so are we. We have the right people prepared to work at a moment’s notice, so you can confidently tackle your projects on your time.

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