February 24, 2023

Oxford Supplies COVID-19 Vaccine Assistance to Biopharma Corp

Unique and dire circumstances called for sped-up vaccine production by experts skilled in automation and verification engineering. 

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The Challenge
A global leader in research-based biopharmaceuticals needed automation and verification engineering services to support a large initiative to double the production capacity of the COVID-19 vaccine. The project, which would typically span three to five years, needed to be completed within one year.

The client was under extreme pressure to carry out the overwhelming request due to a compelling push from the government to address the devastating global situation due to the virus. Additionally, the company’s CEO announced its commitment to double production within the next year to meet the much-needed demand.

The Solution
The corporation selected Oxford due to past performance in similar areas. Nobody had experience with the vaccine, as the virus was new, and up to this point, an mRNA vaccine had not been commercially developed in regions such as the United States. However, we had previously proven ourselves in onboarding resources, project oversight, and validation. Therefore, the client trusted us to provide quality resources quickly.

Oxford committed to working through the holidays, providing seven team leads that covered shifts 24/7. In all, we supplied our client with nearly 50 high-quality automation, verification, and process engineers. They performed troubleshooting and verification testing of a new automated filling line to successfully startup and double production capacity.

The Result
The project started with an initial completion period of nine months, but that deadline was extended. In the shortened time, Oxford helped the corporation ramp up its vaccine production and heed its promise to provide the desired results within the year.

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