January 13, 2023

Oxford Delivers Fast Results for Process Tech and Equipment Client

Oxford provided an engineering firm with a consultant having expertise in software development to deliver optimal results ahead of the deadline, allowing the client to modernize and keep its competitive edge. 


Software Development


The Challenge
A producer of process technology and equipment for the photovoltaics, semiconductor, and microelectronics industries was working on their next generation of wafer processing machines.

The client approached Oxford Global Resources to assist, as they lacked expertise internally. Code was required to manage intelligent hardware used in semiconductor components manufacturing. In addition, they needed an external expert to optimize and improve the UI associated with the old machine generation and apply it to the new generation.

Without Oxford producing an experienced candidate, the client would have struggled to stay ahead of its competitors. They needed to modernize their machines and deliver state-of-the-art equipment to the market quickly and efficiently.

The client did not have a strong culture of consultant usage but had used an Oxford freelancer five years previously. They reached out to Oxford based on the great experience they had with us. The client required a Software Developer with semiconductor industry experience to optimize and improve multiple UIs based on the WPF over six months. Backend logic on an older machine needed to be transferred to a newer version of the code. This task required refactoring to make it compatible with newer frameworks.

The Solution
An experienced Oxford Lead Recruiter familiar with the client’s business and with technical knowledge himself spoke with the hiring manager to understand exactly what tasks the right candidate would be required to complete. Once he understood what the perfect candidate would look like, he armed his specialized recruiting team with this knowledge.

The recruiting team mobilized, reaching out to their established network of consultants to confirm who was available for the role.

Within 48 hours, Oxford successfully produced an experienced Software Developer with strong C# and .NET skills and a background in the semiconductor industry. The client interviewed and selected the candidate the same week for a six-month contract.

The Result
The Oxford consultant delivered his workload a month ahead of schedule and used the remaining weeks to help teammates meet their deadlines, too. The contract was extended by three months due to the consultant’s ability to use his varied experience from other projects to share the workload with his teammates, introducing them to outside-the-box ideas to save time.

The consultant was instrumental in helping the client bring their new machine to the market on schedule.

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