October 28, 2020

Orthodontic Product CAD Model Migration

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Demand Planning
Status Reports
Backlog Tracking and Reporting

ISO 9000

The Challenge
Our client, a global manufacturing company, needed to convert more than 3,000 2D and 3D drawings and related specs of archived orthodontic products from a legacy Pro E CAD tool to SolidWorks™. The conversion effort required the development of a tool to capture all products from the legacy catalog. Additionally, each drawing had to meet rigorous regulatory standards and ISO 9000 compliance standards, making attention to detail paramount.

The Solution
Guided by our Program Manager, our team worked with the client to evaluate the complexity of the migrations, fine tune a timeline, develop a resource plan and build a tool to manage the conversions and related timelines. The tool our team created provided an inventory of all items to be converted and performed functions including:

  • Work prioritization based on client’s initiatives
  • Defining and tracking complexity
  • Demand planning
  • Progress reporting
  • Gap identification
  • Backlog tracking and related escalations

With a robust road map in place and a tool to track progress, we deployed a team of drafters. The drafters were required to have the specific experience necessary to convert more than 3,000 products while maintaining the client’s standards. In order to drive productivity and maintain velocity during the conversions, we provided the following:

  • Onboarding and training
  • SOPs and workflow documentation
  • Clearly defined client/vendor responsibility matrix
  • Weekly progress reporting
  • Conversion tracking\
  • Issue and risk communications
  • Product backlog reporting

Throughout the engagement, our team would consistently re-evaluate the resource plan based on forecasted workload and client conversion priorities and deadlines. This maximized our team’s agility to handle various demand levels.

The Result
By outsourcing the conversion of these products to our team, the client was able to direct their internal resources’ attention to other departments and projects. Our program oversight enabled our client to keep the product conversions on schedule and within the compliance guidelines.

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