January 2, 2024

24 Protocols Written and Executed within One Week for Divestiture

Life Sciences

Data Migration

Data Migration
Technical Writing

The Challenge
A multinational pharmaceutical provider created a spin-off brand to absorb their previous consumer goods brand. This would allow them to focus more attention on each division. However, they needed support to create an initial audit program to proactively identify early gaps or compliance issues as the transition began. Additionally, they needed to separate the data of the original parent company into the new brand’s data.

The Solution
The client chose Oxford Global Resources to support this effort because we can source the right talent quickly. We started by scoping the project and identifying all elements that would need to be considered as part of the migration. Then, we provided 15 CSV resources to work on executions. These individuals worked in two shifts to ensure the data would be migrated in approximately one week. We also provided three leads – two for OT and one for IT to support the client’s internal team.

The Result
Our team validated and migrated 24 protocols within the week, and the client successfully divided the data appropriately. We continue supporting this client as they complete their divestiture in their additional sites in Canada and Pennsylvania.

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