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Global Payroll and Time Tracking System Rollout

Consumer & Industrial
Business Analysis
Project Management
ADP GlobalView
Kronos eTime
Over 20 resources provided to support rollouts in 70 countries.
The Challenge

A company in the consumer and industrial industry needed highly skilled and qualified resources to roll out a new payroll and time tracking system to over 70 countries- each with its own legislations and requirements- with no downtime. They reached out to Oxford Global Resources, knowing that we could provide those quality candidates globally to resolve their challenges. We were contacted to assist with the rollouts of ADP GlobalView and Kronos/ADP eTime to France, Spain, the UK, Slovenia, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  

The Solution

Despite ADP being a very hard-to-find skill, Oxford provided over 20 Project Managers and Business Analysts that were local to each region and had in-depth knowledge of the specific regulations and global requirements for their location. These individuals focused on gathering requirements in a discovery phase, participating in configuration activities, and supporting the rollout. The overall size, complexity, and scarcity of talent in the required application meant that the other providers that the client was working with struggled to find the right resources. Oxford was consistently able to locate The Right Talent. Right Now.®

The Result

Rollouts have been successfully completed in Hungary, Slovakia, the UK, Israel, Switzerland, Korea, China, and Sweden, and we continue to support this client as they proceed with rollout activities in their remaining locations.