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A hearing aid.
Case Study
FDA Inspection Prep for Hearing Aid Maker

Discover how Oxford promptly provided 15 consultants that were critical to achieving an observation-free site inspection.

An instructor teaching a class.
Case Study
Localized SAP Training for a Food Manufacturer

Discover how Oxford's team of more than 50 SAP™ consultants were able to provide training in multiple countries despite language and time zone barriers. 

Assembly line at a candy factory.
Case Study
Process Piping for a New Confection

Discover how Oxford’s consultant helped to lead immediate production needs.

Man looking at computer screen.
Case Study
European Wide Microsoft Dynamics AX Migration

Discover how Oxford helped create a common global template across seven countries.

Coffee grinder
Case Study
Implementing a Consolidated ERP Architecture

Discover how Oxford delivered expertise in SAP™, PeopleSoft™ and Oracle™ software.

Worker in a laboratory.
Case Study
FDA Remediation for Cardiovascular Device Maker

Discover how Oxford’s consultants helped to remediate the issue and pass the FDA re-inspection.

Worker in a laboratory.
Case Study
Gap Assessment and Workstreams for MDR Compliance

Discover how Oxford provided assistance to keep the project on track.

Man presenting at a meeting.
Case Study
Remediation for FDA Readiness

Discover how Oxford consultants revised a Quality Management System to meet FDA regulations within seven weeks.

Man sitting at a computer.
Case Study
Microsoft Consolidation for 30K User Mailboxes

Discover how Oxford’s expert helped them reach the goal, six weeks ahead of schedule.

Technician working in a laboratory.
Case Study
CQV for a Medical Device Manufacturer

Discover how Oxford’s team helped create an FDA-compliant automated production process.

Users at computers.
Case Study
Global Microsoft Dynamics Rollout

Discover how Oxford took on the challenge and found 30 qualified international consultants in 24 hours.

People working at computers.
Case Study
Workday and Kronos Implementation

Discover how Oxford’s industry experts helped launch a Workday™ and Kronos™ software implementation.