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Man wearing high tech device on glasses.
Case Study
Wearables Manufacturer Needs Specialized Talent

Discover how Oxford’s talent helped to develop and deliver a new product.

Two people talking at a computer.
Case Study
Epic Implementation & Training

Discover how Oxford’s expert helped them get back on track in 30 days. 

Man sitting at computer.
Case Study
Software Development for a Steering & Calibration Project

Discover how Oxford’s team helped design and deliver to meet the deadline.

Two women talking at a computer.
Case Study
Preferred Partner for HIM Coding Talent

Discover how Oxford provided trusted and reliable contract coding solutions.

People talking at a computer.
Case Study
International ERP Rollout

Discover how Oxford helped consolidate multiple instances of SAP™ and Apriso™ MES and delivered a common ERP template across 23 factories worldwide.

Two doctors talking.
Case Study
Bridging the Gap between IT and Physicians

Discover how Oxford helped a hospital achieve Meaningful Use.

People in a meeting.
Case Study
Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation

Discover how Oxford helped deliver successful implementations at multiple sites in several countries.

A worker in a factory.
Case Study
CQV for Biotechnology Facility Expansion

Discover how Oxford’s talent helped meet the deadline and complete the facility expansion.

Students sitting at computers.
Case Study
Ellucian Consolidation for a University

Discover how Oxford’s skilled experts helped to get it done.

Man sitting at a computer.
Case Study
Compliance with a Homeland Security Directive

Discover how an Oxford consultant helped our client create a more secure IT environment.

People working at computers.
Case Study
Cognos Experts Needed for Demerger

Discover how Oxford’s talent helped forecast and plan to achieve demerger goals.

A hearing aid.
Case Study
FDA Inspection Prep for Hearing Aid Maker

Discover how Oxford promptly provided 15 consultants that were critical to achieving an observation-free site inspection.