November 17, 2020

Oxford Granted an ANÜ License for Germany

In Germany, should a company want to lease labor, the company they are leasing from needs to hold an ANÜ (Arbeitnehmerüberlassung) License. The good news is that Oxford Global Resources (Deutschland) GmbH now holds an ANÜ License since March 2020, so our experienced staff can help steer our clients and consultants through the key points without issue.

An ANÜ License is required to assign employees to provide services to German end clients. Our license allows Oxford to labor-lease our Oxford employees so that our German clients do not become the employer. Most companies that hire labor in this way are trying to avoid the cost and complexity of a permanent/fixed-term employee headcount, so ANÜ labor-leasing with Oxford offers a good strategy to manage client project labor requirements.

If you hire an Oxford employee under ANÜ, Oxford acts as the employer of record in Germany and our employee is paid a net monthly salary; Oxford will take care of all of employee German tax and social security contributions.

Reasons Why Companies Hire Through ANÜ

For some businesses, it gives them the option to hire temporary staff for certain projects without having to permanently employ and then terminate them (which is complicated to do in Germany). Some businesses hire through ANÜ because it’s more cost effective and gives them flexibility.

How Can We Help?

With an ANÜ License and local office in Munich, we have the authorization to carry out labor-leasing activities in Germany and are able to help our clients and consultants to take full advantage of the potential and flexibility of the German market.

If you would like to find out how Oxford can help your organization, contact us today.

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