January 18, 2022

Oxford Global Resources is Now an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner!

Oxford Global Resources is thrilled to announce that we have achieved the status of Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). As the global alliance program for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the APN comprises professional services firms with expert-level knowledge of AWS, a proven track record of successfully deploying AWS solutions, and an extensive roster of certified and experienced AWS technical consultants. We joined the APN in late 2020, and in a little over a year, our commitment to hard work and client service has elevated us to Advanced Status.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Oxford now belongs to an elite group within the AWS Partner Network. While there are thousands of AWS partners, only a small percentage have reached Advanced Consulting Partnership status. This recognition provides us with greater partner financial credits to share with our clients, as well as increased support and resources from AWS. Deepening our AWS relationship puts us in a stronger position to help our clients craft, build, migrate, and maintain innovative cloud-based applications at a reasonable cost – all while harnessing the raw power and potential that AWS provides.

While our relationship with AWS continues its exponential growth, so too does the usage of cloud computing in modern business operations. According to Skyhigh, the average employee uses 30+ cloud-based services daily for collaborative tasks like content and file sharing, as well as essential functions such as data security. Not only that, but LinkedIn reports that cloud-computing expertise is currently the most sought-after hard skill, so consequently, the demand for cloud-oriented services, applications, and technical support is not forecast to fade from the horizon anytime soon.

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