December 3, 2019

Workforce Management for Consultant Onboarding

Discover how Oxford helped reduce consultant onboarding time from 2 weeks to 2 hours.

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The Challenge
A national grocery chain frequently needed digital optimization consultants for various projects. Because the talent was sourced from many different firms, getting the teams set up and ready to work required a lot of communication and management effort. Without a structured process in place, the situation became complex and time consuming – often taking several weeks before onboarding was completed.

The Solution
Oxford was selected as the organization’s primary partner to source talent and to develop a program for supporting onboarding requirements. Our solution included the new role of an Onsite Resource Delivery Manager to establish and oversee processes, including onboarding, offboarding, access management, first day orientation, and invoicing.

Placing a liaison directly at our client’s location made it possible to identify process improvements, which led to our client establishing a ticketing system for IT support requests and a protocol for service responses. Through our growing relationship, we developed a keen understanding of how to identify the right talent to fit the team culture and swiftly integrate them into project assignments – so much so, that our client decided to significantly reduce the number of firms they sourced consultants from.

The Result
Oxford’s onsite workforce management solution enabled our client to streamline consultant onboarding processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

  • Decreased consultant onboarding time from two weeks to two hours
  • Achieved substantial cost savings by improving onboarding efficiency
  • Increased time available to focus on strategic initiatives

With a proven process in place, our client has continued to maintain their onsite workforce management program. As our client’s preferred vendor, we have been given the responsibility for managing the onboarding process for all of our client’s digital technology consultants, including those from other firms.

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