June 7, 2022

RPA to Improve Order Errors for Invalid Products

Eliminating 38 clicks to execute a product deactivation using RPA led our client to incredible outcomes. Our RPA experts helped them get there.

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The Challenge
Our client is a large, multinational oil and gas company that produces various subcomponents of crude oil. They manufacture four million types of products that are used in common household goods. Due to the unique nature of the product compositions and requirements, the scope from their vendors changes every day. The products need to be deactivated daily in the client’s SAP™ manufacturing system before vendors can begin ordering. As a result, the client was facing a huge challenge of manufacturing products that were not acceptable to the clients. Every day, there were 600 to 1,000 products classified as obsolete, and deactivating them in the system was a daunting task, requiring eight deactivation codes and 38 clicks. In order to alleviate this extra workload, the client reached out to Oxford Global Resources. Due to our existing relationship with them, and unique ability to locate the right talent quickly, the client entrusted us with finding a highly skilled RPA Architect and RPA Developer to help automate some of the processes.

The Solution
To conduct the initial analysis, Oxford provided an RPA Architect and RPA Developer. As a team, they identified this as a classic candidate for RPA. From there, they implemented RPA Enterprise Scale using Automation Anywhere™ and built a BOT that integrates with SAP. The BOT executes the necessary transactions to deactivate the products at a specific time. This helped the client to achieve and maintain an accurate and up-to-date product list, significantly reducing process, cost, and material waste while increasing their bottom line.

The Result
As a result of our efforts, the client saw a 95% reduction in waste, a 40% reduction in returns, and $1.2 million of savings in three months.

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