December 3, 2019

Process Piping for a New Confection

Discover how Oxford’s consultant helped to lead immediate production needs.

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Process Piping
OSHA & Safety
Project Management

The Challenge
A popular global confectioner needed to staff a third shift of workers to support the installation of process piping required for a new product line. To help ensure the project was completed safely and on time, they turned to Oxford for an experienced construction manager to oversee the shift.

The Solution
After we identified the right match, the first consultant had a medical emergency that would prevent him from starting work on the following Monday. We reacted immediately and started contacting other qualified consultants from in-network. By Sunday evening, a qualified consultant was ready to be on site the very next day. The consultant arrived at the facility in time for the new third shift to start.

The Result
We made sure our client had a consultant with the expertise they needed on the day work was slated to begin, even after an unexpected emergency. The second consultant engaged for the position brought 20+ years of construction management experience to the job, including a strong background in process piping and a thorough understanding of cGMP and OSHA requirements. He led the third-shift team to the project’s successful completion. Our client was pleased with our consultant’s performance as well as with our staffing agility.

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