June 19, 2024

Oxford’s Strategic Partnership: Empowering a Fortune 500 CPG Corporation’s SAP S4/HANA Migration

Oxford has cultivated meaningful partnerships with industry titans for over four decades, supporting their forward-thinking goals and facilitating groundbreaking progress.

This case study illuminates Oxford’s pivotal role in assisting a Fortune 500 American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation in navigating complex ERP projects, particularly focusing on their transformative SAP S/4HANA migration initiative.

Partnering for Progress

Over 20 Years of Partnership and 38 Niche Consultants Provided

Since 2001, Oxford has been instrumental in empowering the multinational corporation with tailored support and expertise. What began as a simple on-site meeting grew into a partnership characterized by Oxford’s unwavering commitment to addressing the client’s evolving needs. We have cultivated relationships with over 200 individuals within the client organization. Over time, we discovered that one of our client’s major challenges was with their Systems Integrators (SIs). They were unable to fill senior-level roles with niche skill sets, which presented challenges on multiple occasions. In each instance, they reached out to Oxford to help them quickly fill these gaps.Over the last 20 years of partnership, we have provided 38 consultants with niche, hard-to-find skill sets.

Navigating Complex ERP Projects in a Fortune 500 Environment

In their current hybrid-approach SAP S/4HANA migration, the client’s business units in North America are consolidating all disparate systems and versions into the same instance of S4/HANA. This monumental project is expected to take five to six years and involve thousands of integrations. Our consultants specialize in SAP modules, financials, supply chain manufacturing, inventory management, warehouse, extended warehouse management, and project management. They have played a crucial role in supporting the client’s weekly go-lives and site rollouts.

Supporting Weekly Go-Lives and Site Rollouts

Currently, we have four consultants on-site, providing essential configuration support. Additionally, we’ve provided three Project Managers throughout the project: a Technical Project Manager, a Cutover Project Manager, and a Deployment Project Manager. Their expertise and leadership have been instrumental to the success of the project.

Bridging the Gaps: Oxford’s Role in Addressing Senior-Level Challenges with Systems Integrators

With the support of our consultants, the client has seen a notable improvement in retention rates, which in turn increased the speed of their initiative. Turnover incidents, which previously impeded progress by necessitating gap-filling, retraining, and project activity resumption, have been minimized.

Notable Improvement in Retention Rates and Project Speed

Over half of Oxford’s consultants have received contract extensions, resulting in enhanced stability and continuity in project momentum. Oxford’s agility in filling critical gaps and negotiating rate flexibility underscores its commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients. Leveraging our long-term partnership with the multinational corporation, we ensure equitable arrangements that meet the needs of all stakeholders involved.

Beyond Boundaries: Expanding Opportunities and Meeting Diverse Talent Needs

The client regularly refers us to different business areas we can support, confident in our ability to source the right talent for their needs, regardless of the requirements. Our global reach means that we are able to find unique individuals who are the perfect fit; often, the consultants’ contracts have been extended due to their valuable contributions.

Expanding Opportunities and Meeting Diverse Talent Needs Globally

We continue to strive to be the best possible partner to this client and all the clients we partner with on a daily basis.


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