July 10, 2019

Onshore Operational Model for Tier One Support


Tier One Support
Process Integration
Quality Assurance
Onshore Support

Customer Service
Technical Support
Support Analysis
Help Desk
Program Management

The Challenge
Our client decided to repatriate foreign-based Tier One support services to the United States. Our team was chosen to build an onshore operational model, and train and manage 20 technical customer service representatives as a contract project support team. With this initiative maintaining a high level of visibility with our client’s internal and external stakeholders, the highest priority is customer satisfaction, service-level assurance and ease of management.

The Solution
Our team established a current state baseline analysis, and in collaboration with our client’s steering committee, established the future state visioning for the new support team. Operating within the defined client requirements, specifications and objectives, the team implemented a full team of technical customer service representatives. Our team continuously refines its full lifecycle processes to identify efficiencies, while maintaining demand planning and workforce management structures to allow for dynamic changes and/or mitigation of attrition adversity.

The Result
Our Tier One support team reached full operation maturity within 90 days of “go live”, while simultaneously facing many fluid process requirements, access restrictions and cultural integration challenges. All customer-defined and ramped SLAs have been met and we continue to act in an advisory/consulting capacity for the client to refine the business process and efficiency.

Quality. Commitment.

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