May 20, 2022

Omni-Channel Rollout of C4C System

While in the midst of an omni-channel implementation, our client encountered major integration issues. Learn how we righted the project.

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The Challenge
While in the midst of an omni-channel implementation, our client encountered several major integration issues. Because they were attempting to integrate SAP C4C into Avaya™, and their legacy system lacked an out-of-the box connection, they could not proceed as originally planned. As a result, their target go-live date of August had to be pushed back to late October. To ensure the implementation continued, they needed expert support with SAP C4C, SAP PDI, and Cloud Applications Studio. They reached out to Oxford Global Resources to help find an individual who could develop the integration and ensure each channel ended up in C4C.

The Solution
To create a truly omni-channel experience for the client’s customers, an Oxford consultant was provided with expertise in C4C, Sierra, and other modules. He partnered with the client to create a system that would create tickets for the necessary interactions and categorize them based on the interaction required. Based on each individual market, the client would be able to support its customers.

The Result
Due to the support of the consultant, the client was able to create an omni-channel experience engaging with C4C and support its back-office operations easily with customer integrations. The client has proceeded to roll out the new system to other locations worldwide.

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