October 25, 2022

New E-Commerce On-Prem to AWS Cloud Migration

To meet growing e-commerce needs, an online retailer decided to migrate all customer-facing services to a cloud-hosted environment.



Internet Gateway

The Challenge
To meet growing e-commerce needs, a global American retailer decided to migrate all customer-facing services to a cloud-hosted environment.

The client required a resilient, scalable, and secure platform to support its e-commerce needs with minimal risk to operations during the migration. If the client could not complete this move, they would have faced challenges to customer experience and escalating maintenance OPEX.

This project required a resource with in-depth cloud knowledge to lead the migration, which the client lacked in-house. As part of our ongoing support, Oxford Global Resources was able to leverage our expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS)™ architecture to design and orchestrate a successful migration.

The Solution
Our team worked side-by-side with the client’s internal resources to assess their environment and identify production needs, determining an AWS solution was most advantageous. Our expert helped architect and deploy a to-fit solution, including:

  • Hub
  • IGW VPC maintaining public subnets and route distribution
  • Two EC2 instances utilizing Cisco CSR 1000V AMI
  • A secure S3 bucket for configuration metadata
  • Lambda event scripting via defined IAM Roles
  • CSR security groups for ingress and egress restriction
  • Ecommerce VPC – load balanced and secured via Amazon Cognito, Kibana authentication, AWS WAF & GuardDuty
  • Global Search VPC utilizing instanced Oracle RDS DB & Elasticsearch nodes
  • Transit VPC – providing segmented and secure VPN connectivity to branch offices

The Result
Once Oxford completed the initial phases of the project, we began training and knowledge transfer so that the client’s internal staff could continue after our team’s departure. In addition, we continued to run in-depth AWS assessment tools to conduct assessments and provide cost savings while conducting development activities.

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