March 1, 2023

New CAR T-Cell Therapy Facility Recruits Quality-Related Expertise

Oxford partnered with an international biotechnology company in The Netherlands to provide QC and QA support for a newly opened CAR T-cell therapy facility.  


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QC Microbiology
QC Analytical
Sample Logistics/Support

The Challenge
An international biotechnology company focused on CAR T-cell therapy needed a partner to staff approximately 20 individuals for their QC and QA departments for a newly built manufacturing site in the Netherlands. Their requirements included:

  • Attracting highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Flexibility for rapid up- and downscaling (where applicable
  • Fast response times – all individuals needed to be placed within a few months
  • Strong local presence and network

The Solution
In the initial phase, the facility partnered with Oxford to insource QC and QA personnel. Oxford aided the client by offering its niche expertise and skills in the following areas:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sterility
  • Biochemistry
  • Raw Materials
  • QMS
  • Batch Record Review
  • Dispositioning
  • “Shop Floor”
  • Cell Therapy Specialists
  • Warehousing
  • Incoming Goods
  • Sample Coordination

The Result
Oxford successfully contributed to the start-up and growth of the company. After the initial QC and QA project, the collaboration was expanded to all laboratory, manufacturing, and quality-related positions in a contingent labor program, establishing a long-lasting relationship and fulfilling 79 assignments over four years.

Quality. Commitment.

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