August 12, 2019

Network Refresh for 105 Locations in 17 Months


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The Challenge
Our client, a large regional healthcare provider with multiple hospital locations and outpatient facilities, was conducting an upgrade of their infrastructure to standardize their support model, improve the security of their network and increase network reliability. The main objective was to upgrade approximately 390 network closets to new equipment. The client had an aggressive deadline to migrate all five major hospitals within the first nine months, and the remaining 100 outpatient facilities in the following 12 months. Our client required a partner who could assist in building the project plan and team structure to quickly deploy a large number of resources as well as manage multiple migration teams.

The Solution
We provided an on-demand workforce as well as a project management office (PMO) to oversee the migrations and manage the teams. We deployed six migration teams, consisting of120 technical resources performing 32 activities. The PMO included technical experts and experienced Project Managers coordinating the work and assisting field teams with technical troubleshooting. Throughout the course of the project, our team proactively identified potential interruptions in the migration schedule arising from patient care needs and mitigated these delays to meet project deadlines. Our PMO also was critical to the project’s success by driving and supporting the following:

Project Metrics Reporting

  • Issue Log, Remediation Activity, Site Readiness Reviews and Surveys, Completion Reports
  • Resource Schedule, Demand Planning

Performance Management with Detailed KPI Tracking

  • Bi-Weekly Status Meetings, Resource Burn Rates, Resource Utilization Reports, Financial Reporting

Workforce Management

  • Resource management and scheduling, Daily on-site Performance Management, and Retention processes such as Multi-Tiered Reward and Incentive Program, Team Branding, and Team Appreciation Events

The Result
Our team successfully met all project deadlines and reduced the cost per closet migration by 65%. Despite challenges around scheduling and navigating a healthcare environment, we completed the migrations three months ahead of schedule, and on budget.

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