December 15, 2022

Multi-Generational SAP S/4HANA Training Program

Discover how Oxford helped a global manufacturing company identify a global SAP S/4HANA training plan for its aging workforce.




The Challenge
A global manufacturing company was planning an SAP S/4HANA implementation but struggled to identify the best approach for its global training plan. Their end-users were part of an aging workforce that had been at the organization for 20-30 years and were not adapting well to the new technology. As a result, the client required a partner who could identify the best potential training plan across the ten business units and three segments worldwide.

The client had gone live with their pilot program across six sites and was intending to improve and continue to roll out to their remaining locations in a three-year program.

However, the client had an employee base of 30,000, wherein 50% were close to retirement. As a result, they did not want a train-the-trainer approach or to bring in many professional trainers.

The Solution
Oxford Global Resources put together a scalable structure that allowed the client to leverage resources at each site for readiness support. In addition, we implemented a system wherein new college graduates or veterans could work with a team of professional trainers to learn the system and business processes and become primary trainers in the future. Those individuals would be relocated to the client’s sites and educate their workforce. This allowed the newly-trained trainers to move up in the company.

Our training program was usable ongoing for new hires and Point of View (POV) help and would need to accommodate multi-generational learning styles.

Using SAP Enable Now, we created learning libraries by user role, so each location had a unique learning content system. We also educated the client to help them use instructor-led training and e-learning. We also introduced them to Translation Hub to support the nine languages they would need to translate their training materials into.

The Result
We delivered a high-level, structured approach to training across the client’s global sites. The resulting international training team combines its existing team, a new hire pool, and Oxford’s resources. Leveraging this approach, knowledge gaps in the workforce will be backfilled as the training program progresses. In addition, the client can offer potential roles to military veterans interested in technology.

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