March 24, 2022

Modernization of Systems to AWS Infrastructure

Technology Hardware

Digital Transformation
Full Stack Development
IT Infrastructure

Palo Alto Firewalls
Amazon Web Services™ (AWS)
LAN and WAN Troubleshooting

The Challenge
Recently, organizations have begun an intense shift from on-premise to cloud infrastructures and are modernizing to accommodate this new, more secure system. However, when a long-standing, well-established organization like our client wants to move into the future, it can be challenging to find skillsets relating to new technologies internally. Due to Oxford Global Resources’ long-standing relationship with this audio equipment manufacturer, they reached out to us to provide the necessary talent that they lacked in-house.

The Solution
We provided Network Engineers and Security Engineers to carry out the necessary tasks to overhaul the client’s infrastructure, security systems, and data centers. The Oxford consultants proceeded to assist the client with everything they would need to complete this modernization:

  • Remediation of Palo Alto edge firewall configuration gaps
  • Implement SSL/TLS decryption to enhance the perimeter security posture
  • Edge Security refresh including Cisco Umbrella value as part of the architecture roadmap
  • New network security architecture based on the zero-trust framework
  • Enhanced security controls and network segmentation

Automated network incident response plan

The Result
Due to the consultants lending their considerable expertise, the client was able to make significant progress towards being a modernized organization. The Oxford team continues to bring value to the client with day-to-day support as well as project advancement and cloud footprint expansion.

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