April 4, 2022

Increased Manufacturing Efficiency Drives $1 Million in Cost Savings


Subject Matter Expertise

Factory Automation
Engineering Operational Management

The Challenge
When it comes to manufacturing systems, one minor detail can cause major inefficiencies that negatively impact the whole manufacturing process and in turn a business’s bottom line. Our client, an American manufacturing company realized their manufacturing process for power train systems was experiencing issues due to the lack of internal experience in setting up a manufacturing floor. This led to a need for optimization.

Oxford Global Resources had been in contact previously to discuss a qualified Manufacturing Engineer and offer his services. As a result, they reached out to us to secure his support and leverage our consultant’s expertise to evaluate their system.

The Solution
The Oxford consultant assessed each manufacturing line, determined where the issues originated and provided recommendations for improvements. Each component was considered, including:

  • The layout of the shop
  • The materials used
  • The molds
  • Efficiency of testing
  • Testing locations

Throughout his assignment, the consultant became enmeshed in all aspects of the organization and became a true problem-solver for the client.

The Result
As a result of the Oxford Consultant’s effort, the client’s manufacturing process significantly reduced from 47 hours to 17. This led to a cost savings of approximately $1 million. In addition, the client found the consultant’s expertise so invaluable that they hired him on as a permanent employee.

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