May 24, 2024

Implementing Efficient AI Solutions in Optical Coating Operations

The Challenge

PPG, an American Fortune 500 company and global supplier of automotive paint, coatings, and specialty materials, wanted to apply AI and machine learning techniques to its optical coating operations to improve and speed up the process. At the time, an individual manually completed the process, resulting in slower operations.

The Solution

Oxford’s recruiter maintained a good relationship with PPG, who trusted us to provide them with the support they needed. We provided three AI SMEs to have in-depth conversations with 16 of the client’s managers on multiple calls. These Q&A-style calls allowed the consultants to review the optical coating line specifications and how they would implement AI and Machine Learning solutions to improve the client’s outcomes. PPG was satisfied with the information provided, the consultants’ knowledge, and past use cases of AI technology.

The Result

Oxford consultants provided PPG with an effective roadmap to replace their manual coating operations with AI and machine learning technologies. This plan can be implemented at a later date when the company is ready to take on the project. Oxford will be ready to assist PPG in the future to help them achieve their goals of a quicker, more efficient optical coating process.

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