November 14, 2019

Go-Live Support Maintains Quality of Care

Discover how Oxford provided training guidance to achieve a successful go-live.


Go-Live Support

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At-the-Elbow Support
Clinical Workflow Analysis

The Challenge
A health system was preparing to go live with an Epic™ software implementation. The initial plan was to manage all training with their existing staff, who would also serve as support leads for the rest of the organization. However, they soon recognized they needed some additional training expertise to guide the process and help physicians adopt the program. In order to maintain operational productivity and patient care practices, they required consultants with specific clinical knowledge and extensive go-live support experience.

The Solution
Oxford was asked to provide a consultant who specialized in Cardiology to support their clinical team with additional training preparation. After our client experienced the value gained from engaging a single Oxford consultant, they decided to invest further in additional areas of need – which led to 10 more consultants joining the project. Following a careful vetting process, the Oxford team included one physician, three nurses, and seven additional Epic training experts with a variety of specialties, including Oncology, ICU and ED.

The Result
The health system achieved a successful go-live. Our training and support specialists ensured all staff were prepared for the transition to the new Epic system. Any minor issues were quickly resolved on the spot with at-the-elbow support.

While surgery delays and patient care can often be a huge area of concern for a go-live, the health system stayed on track with all of their procedures and maintained activities within 15 minutes of their scheduled timeframes – keeping quality healthcare practices a top priority.

Based on the outcomes achieved, Oxford became a preferred partner for any future projects and our client referred us to another health system.

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