December 3, 2019

European Wide Microsoft Dynamics AX Migration

Discover how Oxford helped create a common global template across seven countries.



Microsoft Dynamics AX
Supply Chain
Time & Attendance
Manufacturing & Production

The Challenge
An international manufacturing company with operations across 12 countries needed to implement a Microsoft Dynamics™ AX software upgrade in all of their European locations. The goal was to reduce operational complexity and increase efficiency across the company by creating a global template. However, the client was working under a tight deadline and found that because the implementation was across multiple countries and time zones, it was extremely complex. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics AX has specific localization requirements within specific countries where implementations are regulated, and the client was having difficulty keeping track of every regulation.

The Solution
The client partnered with Oxford Global Resources due to the speed at which we were able to provide viable candidates to suit their needs at any given time. Over the course of two years, the client requested more than 10 resources to support the various aspects of this complex initiative, and we quickly made those connections for them whenever they asked. Our consultants were based in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, France, and the UK. Each country had its own legislation that needed to be adhered to, and each location had different types of facilities within them, so our consultants had to be adaptable and familiar with the necessary regulations.

Our Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional Specialists were able to optimize business alignment and enable transparency throughout the course of the migration. They brought expertise in finance, supply chain, time & attendance, and manufacturing & production to the table.

The Result
Oxford’s agile recruiting response kept the project on track, leading to successful deployments in all locations. Each consultant had the autonomy and expertise required to ensure the project adhered to the planned timelines while guaranteeing budgetary constraints were maintained. Our specialists helped create a smooth transition to the business team and users by providing in-depth change management methodologies throughout, along with detailed training material and delivery in advance of and following on from the respective go-live dates. As a result of the successful implementations, the client has experienced increased efficiency and streamlined their business processes. In addition, the client has improved their bottom line costs and profitability.

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