December 3, 2019

Epic Implementation & Training

Discover how Oxford’s expert helped our client get back on track in 30 days. 



Training Management
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Project Management

The Challenge
A health system launched a multi-phased Epic™ software implementation and needed the right talent to support their initiative. The kick-off started in January with a two-phased approach. The following year, Phase 1 Ambulatory go-live was planned for May and Phase 2 Inpatient go-live was targeted for October. We provided consultants to fill specific skill gaps for both go-live phases. Several months into the Phase 2 project, we were asked to provide management guidance on the training program, which was four months behind schedule. In addition, Phase 1 post live training processes had not yet been developed.

The Solution
With more than 10 years of training management experience in healthcare implementation projects, our consultant provided the right expertise to develop and oversee the training program. A root-cause analysis was prepared to immediately identify issues related to unmet deliverables from both Phase 1 and 2, and learning management system delays. Based on the findings and recommendations, roles were replaced with the right skilled consultants and new structured processes were established to get the project back on track.

The Result
Within 30 days, our leadership helped get the project back on schedule. By restructuring the program with existing resources and streamlining processes, our client successfully met both Good Install and Good Maintenance goals within their budget parameters. Post go-live plans were also put into place to ensure a smooth transition while focusing on long term stability and efficiency to meet ongoing needs.

In addition to providing expert training guidance, our consultants ensured other aspects of the project were also up to speed, including revenue cycle management and applications deliverables.

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