December 3, 2019

Cognos Experts Needed for Demerger

Discover how Oxford’s talent helped forecast and plan to achieve demerger goals.

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Predictive Analytics & Forecasting

IBM Cognos TM1
IBM Planning Analytics

The Challenge
A global shopping center developer was demerging from their parent company. As part of this process, they needed to transition away from existing parent resources and set up their own independent systems. Our client required senior-level consultants with specialized experienced in Cognos TM1™, to establish and develop new processes for forecasting and planning.

The Solution
Three Oxford consultants with Cognos TM1 expertise were placed to support the transition. Our consultants brought skills specific to the industry, including technical expertise in data analytics for mall traffic, realtor space, and vacancy driven metrics for retail malls. The team executed several projects, including gathering business requirements, modeling and design, development, testing, and implementation.

The Result
Our client’s demerger objectives were successfully achieved, with systems functioning independently. Oxford consultants completed several projects: the implementation of Rolling Forecast processes and reports, Straight Line Rent forecast and budgeting automation, TAX REIT categorization of centers and business unit reporting processes, and TM1 server upgrades for SSL and 10.2.3.

We’ve continued to expand our relationship with our client, including providing additional support to help with a recent acquisition project.

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