November 14, 2019

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Robotics & Controls


The Challenge
A global automotive interiors manufacturer was experiencing issues with their paint line that were causing major delays in production. Their robotics engineer had left on short notice and they needed to find someone with the right expertise to decipher problems and optimize their processes.

The Solution
We provided a lead consultant with over 23 years of experience in robotics and controls automation, plus three additional engineers to support the paint line project. Their tasks included recoding the robot and making mechanical adjustments. The lead consultant also made recommendations for optimizing system performance. Our client then extended the contract six months so that the Oxford lead consultant could help them select new hires and the Oxford team could train them to provide ongoing maintenance.

The Result
Our client not only fixed their faulty paint line but also improved painting quality, increased production rates, and ensured proper ongoing support.

Pleased with the outcome of this project, our client requested the same Oxford lead consultant go to a different location that was experiencing systems failures on its part machines. He conducted a Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) to help identify system failures and worked with three additional Oxford engineers to resolve the issues and improve processes, enabling our client to pass an inspection and keep an important contract. The Oxford team also created contingencies to ensure production would continue if a failure occurred in the future.

Overall, our client realized both immediate and long-term benefits from working with Oxford.

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