September 25, 2020

Preparation and qPCR Testing of COVID-19 Samples

Molecular Research

Medical Diagnostics
Zoological Diagnostics

Patient Sample Handling
Automized Systems
Molecular Biology
Sample Preparation
Administration in LIMS/gLIMS

The Challenge
A company specializing in diagnostics for patient and zoological samples was asked to go above and beyond their normal day-to-day business to assist in the fight against COVID-19. The government required their help with testing samples. As a result, the client needed to be ready to increase their output significantly within two weeks. The organization needed to find several analysts who could assist with preparing patient samples for molecular research. The samples would then be tested for COVID-19. This testing would be done using automated qPCR systems. For both the preparation and execution of the qPCR techniques, several analysts with specialized skillsets would be required. These analysts needed to start almost immediately and the assignment was expected to last at least six months.
The Solution
Due to the long-standing partnership and proven, close-working relationship in place between this organization and Oxford Global Resources, they knew we could provide the necessary talent in short order. Within two weeks, we had sourced and on-boarded five analysts. Two were tasked with preparing samples while the others worked with the qPCR systems. Due to the immediacy with which these experts were provided, the company was able to quickly increase their output and support the much-needed testing.
The Result
The consultants immediately began supporting the team, and each individual currently processes approximately 150 samples daily, allowing the organization to reach their maximum capacity of 1400 tests per day. To ensure there is no interruption to the service the client provides, Oxford has analysts on retainer which can be deployed to the client within a few days if necessary, should the sample flow increase.

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