December 13, 2022

Spotlight On: Jimmy Dritsas, Director, Local Operations

Jimmy Dritsas, Director of Local Operations at Oxford, has harnessed his personable nature to create a successful career. He tackles each challenge with a compassionate attitude and a willingness to learn. With each year, Jimmy’s career with Oxford has expanded. Read on to learn more about what makes him such a success.

Q: What is your professional background? 

A: I started my professional career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car in their management training program. I was a branch manager overseeing one of their flagship locations before coming to Oxford.

Q: How long have you been with Oxford? 

A: Since April 2015 – nine years this coming April.

Q: What daily habits do you recommend for success? 

A: You must have a plan. Don’t step into your day without an expectation of what you must accomplish. Personally, I am a pen-and-paper kind of person. Before the end of the day, I turn the page in my notebook, so I have a clean slate and write down the plan for the next day. That lets me focus on new things. If I continue to write the same things down, it’s either not important, or I need to re-prioritize.

Q: What would you say contributes most to your success at Oxford? 

A: Work ethic and accessibility. I’m that player-coach where I manage the office, but I still need to be available to my clients.

Q: What is one of your greatest achievements to date? 

A: Professionally, leading the Milwaukee office to continued growth. When I started, I was the first Account Manager here, and since then, it has grown year over year. Personally, I am a proud father of triplets, so balancing that has been a cool learning experience.

Q: What attributes do you think are most important in a leader? 

A: Leading by example. Do as I do, not as I say. You care about the development of your people and empower them to be the best they can. Focus on and be aware of their personal goals. Encouraging that is really important.

Q: What’s the best book you’ve read on business or leadership?  

A: Good to Great by Jim Collins. We read that in our Emerging Leaders program. It focuses on why companies become great and how they can sustain it.

Q: What skills do you think will be most in demand in 2023? 

A: Supply chain-oriented things – there have been many challenges in the last couple of years, and supply chain optimization and digitization, along with cloud and data-related items, will all be in high demand.

Q: What trends are you seeing in talent and recruitment this year? 

A: Fluidity – some individuals are willing to take consultant work or bounce back and forth between consulting and full-time work. Location barriers have been removed with the emergence of remote work, so people are looking at the role vs. full-time and consulting.

Q: As technology continues to advance, how do you see that impacting the recruiting and staffing industry? 

A: Organizations need to continue to be nimble in their approach. We do our best to stay ahead of trends and not react. With technological advancement, companies are never going to truly be able to divert from outside expertise – they can’t know everything. Organizations should be nimble and embrace external staffing.

Q: How do you define customer care?  

A: Availability is big for me. Relatability is also really important. I’m always trying to get new business and create revenue, but I also care about who I’m working with, and I want to speak to them on a personal level. I want to make things right, not just close the next deal.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals interested in consulting? 

A: You better work with Oxford! We’re the best. Align with a good recruiter. That’s the lifeblood of this business. If you have a relationship with a good recruiter, they will advocate for you and get you business.

In addition, be comfortable being uncomfortable. You will be new a lot, and you have to navigate what that looks like. Getting to know people is part of the job. Project to project takes nuance.

Q: How do you support driving change with your team or colleagues based on strategic business decisions? 

A: Transparency. I’m in a producing role but also a management role, so I wear both hats. If I have visibility into something, I will let the team know it’s coming.

I listen to feedback before giving my own so that I am not preaching, and I create an environment where dialogue is valued.

Q: What do you do to mentor the individuals on your team? 

A: Regular one on ones, monthly reviews. I try really hard to stay integrated with the clients and consultants and view their book of business like it’s my own. I always tell my team, “I’m going to mirror your effort.” It creates accountability on both sides.

Q: What do you like best about working with your clients/consultants/team? 

A: I like to get to know people. That’s the coolest part. Everyone you’re talking to is different and has different experiences and points of view. It’s amazing to be able to learn from people and get paid for it. I’ve learned so much about businesses and how they operate, it’s like going to school while getting paid for it.

Q: How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance? 

A: It’s tough, especially since becoming a parent, but I prioritize certain things. You have to decide what your non-negotiables are. I make sure, no matter what, I am home for my kids’ bedtime. I make sure, no matter what, I have time to exercise 5-6 days a week, with no exceptions. You have to decide what has to happen and what you cannot miss. Decide what is a must and just do it. If that’s your mentality, it’ll happen.

Q: Why Oxford?  

A: For clients, we’re best in class. We have access to the best talent in the industry. Our Account Managers are the best at what they do in building relationships and maintaining a strong presence. Give me an opportunity and we’ll win head-to-head for talent and speed. For consultants, we provide access to tons of opportunities all over the world. Our recruiters are the best at what they do. They care, and they’ll put you on a project on an ongoing basis. For internal employees, growth. There’s an opportunity to grow, progress, make a lot of money, and learn how businesses operate. Learning about technology is cool and it’s valuable to be in the know about tech. For myself, all of the above. It’s easy to come to work and “sell” when you have the best offering in your industry,

Q: What is your work motto/favorite quote on success? 

A: “You will be successful because most people are lazy.” – Shahir Zag

I love that because I know I have the drive to be the best and I’m going to work hard when I know that others aren’t.

Q: Do you have any special talents or a favorite hobby? 

A: I love to cook; my wife and I call our kitchen the Dritsas Café. I also like to ski, exercise, and experience all things sports-related.

Q: How do you like to spend your free time? 

A: Chasing my kids, exercising, or bingeing something on a streaming network.

Q: What would your superpower be? 

A: I would be able to eat whatever I wanted without any negative health implications.

Q: How do you take your coffee/ What’s your Starbucks order? 

A: I actually don’t drink coffee – if I’m sick, I’ll drink tea. I work out before work so that kind of keeps me going.

Q: What was your first job? 

A: I was a camp counselor.

Q: What job did you want as a child? 

A: I wanted to be a game show host. I was obsessed with Guy Smiley from Sesame Street.

Q: Who are you most inspired by?  

A: Probably my great-grandfather. I never met him, but he immigrated from Greece as a 16-year-old by himself and didn’t speak any English, but he became the first Greek-born lawyer in Detroit. I heard the stories growing up, but as I got older, I realized how crazy that is, and I respect it.

As Jimmy remembers the heritage of his great-grandfather, he models his own life after the bravery he showed. This willingness to explore new things will serve him well in his future at Oxford.

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