April 12, 2022

Solving the Remote Work Puzzle

There is an old yet sensible adage, “work smarter, not harder.” But what does that mean in terms of business and technology? In the past decade, we have become highly advanced and optimized as a society, so what could help us improve workplace efficiency? Many companies have already joined this pursuit, evidenced by the rising demand for remote learning opportunities geared toward training new employees, continued education, and recertification.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the world rapidly turn to remote work as a preferred medium for conducting day-to-day business operations in various industries. This rise in remote work has directly augmented the demand for remote learning options for non-local employees, especially in IT, telehealth, and engineering. Moreover, remote work is forecast to expand beyond the pandemic; one estimate found that 36.2 million Americans may be working remotely by 2025. To prepare for the growth of remote work and utilize the growing remote workforce, you might find that tools such as SAP Enable Now can help you and your company.

Retaining Education

Studies have found that 38% of trainees do not apply what they learn immediately after a class. This number rises to 56% after six months and 66% after a year when the training differs substantially from the working situation. These stats are concerning for anyone utilizing workplace classes. In addition, 68% of employees prefer to learn at work, 58% prefer to learn at their own pace, and 49% prefer to learn at the point of need. In order to meet the varied needs of your workforce, it is critical to have a flexible solution in place.

SAP Enable Now may be a valuable asset for your company to handle employee turnover, where hours spent on education are lost. Enable Now can reduce those losses by having training materials accessible both on-site and in the cloud, with customization options readily available. It can help reduce training times and costs while increasing the output of employees learning new skills. The use of this platform may considerably increase productivity across your organization and minimize time lost handling employee turnover.

SAP Enable Now is fully scalable to the size of an organization, accommodating small and large businesses throughout the world, with over 50 supported languages. In addition, SAP Enable Now offers features that will allow you to see which courses are being utilized the most. This will help your business understand how to approach employee education and streamline the customization process whenever new educational needs arise.

How to Begin the Transition

If you are contemplating utilizing SAP Enable Now, consider joining with a long-time trusted partner of SAP to seamlessly transition into SAP services and receive educational planning with around the clock support. With over 5,000 experienced SAP consultants in our network, Oxford has Enable Now and Educational partnerships with SAP. Click the button below to begin your conversation today!

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