February 20, 2023

Oxford Is Committed to Success

Oxford strives to be committed to its people and purpose, which ultimately means committing to success. We don’t shy away from wearing our hearts on our sleeves regarding our mission and passion. We want others to see and know our commitment to our goals, their goals, and superior outcomes for all.

Oxford accepts challenges as a way to grow and become more adept within the industry. We will never waste an opportunity to achieve new levels of success and meaningful impact for our employees, consultants, partners, clients, and all those touched by the process.

We continually work to improve our performance so that you can continue to improve lives—whatever industry you work in, role you fill, or reason you have for showing up. In other words, we measure our success by your success to help you fulfill your dreams and make a positive difference.

What Does It Mean to Be Committed? 

Commitment is more than just a person’s word. It requires action. When you commit, you’re essentially acknowledging inwardly and expressing that something is essential to you, and you’re willing to make changes to ensure a specific outcome.

Commitments also differ for every person and every intention. A commitment to a person might be different than a commitment to a brand or an idea. Often, it’s necessary to establish what a commitment looks like to everyone. Having a statement of purpose, an action plan, and proposed or expected outcomes in place can clear up misunderstandings about each specific commitment.

How Do You Affirm a Commitment? 

Commitments require acknowledging the process needed to carry out goals entangled with them. Otherwise, it’s simply words with no devotion to the result. Therefore, it’s critical to commit to the outcome (success) and the process (the steps or behaviors you need to achieve or adopt to succeed).

It’s necessary then to ask the right questions. The answers to these questions can help guide your process to reach your desired outcome. For example, when committing to success, you might consider the following questions:

  • How do we expect to achieve success?
  • What does success mean to us and those we work with?
  • What steps or behaviors lead to heightened success?
  • What changes do we need to make to move forward to success?
  • What successes have we already achieved?
  • How did we achieve success previously?
  • Why were our prior successes most important to us?
  • How can we ensure consistency and adaptability in success?

How Oxford Shows Its Commitment to Success 

Oxford knows that committing to success ultimately means committing to the people you work with. These individuals are those that Oxford strives to build lasting relationships with, establishing durable benefits for the company and its continued progress.

To commit to its people and success, Oxford pledges to embrace certain ideals that we believe will lead to significant positive outcomes.

Oxford is Committed to Strong Leadership 

Great leadership drives commitment and enhanced outcomes, but outstanding leadership isn’t possible without first being committed. We realize that when leaders are committed to their mission, their organization, and the people they serve, they can inspire others to reach their full potential—which drives success for all.

By nature, strong leaders are committed to others and embody the principles of leadership, including passion, innovation, integrity, influence, and ownership. Leaders know that whether one achieves success or laments failure, the probability for either outcome ultimately falls on their shoulders as the ones leading the way. Therefore, they act as coaches, encouraging and enhancing others’ skills and talents while modeling the behaviors others should adopt to yield constant and consistent results.

Oxford leads with transparency, focusing on value, trust, communication, positivity, and continual growth. We believe that those who excel in their roles and show commitment to our purpose should be recognized as leaders within our organization. These individuals are capable of enacting change internally and externally as they guide Oxford into the future.

Oxford is Committed to Clear Direction  

Workforces are strongest when everyone understands their role and how it impacts others on the team and the company’s overall goals. Oxford understands that people want and need to know how they fit into the grander scheme of things so that they feel like a part of the mission rather than inconsequential.

For Oxford, committing to a clear direction means having a consistent vision and well-defined expectations. When an organization’s vision is evident, employees have a sense of security that carries over into manageable changes and sustainable growth and learning. Everyone knows where they’re at and where they can expect to end up, meaning everyone is moving forward cohesively with a desired outcome, promoting a team atmosphere where dedication, delegation, and trust are paramount.

Oxford is Committed to a Healthy Culture 

Numbers published by Harvard Business Review show that high-pressure work environments yield increased adverse health impacts for those working there. When the workplace is dealing with multiple absences or employees not operating at their total capacity due to stress, illness, or fatigue, it’s not as productive, meaning it’s unlikely it can achieve success.

The publication reported:

  • Companies with high-pressure environments have nearly 50% greater healthcare expenditures
  • An estimated $500+ billion is depleted from the U.S. economy each year due to workplace stress (per the American Psychological Association)
  • Stress on the job contributes to 550 million lost workdays annually
  • Workplace stress is linked to 60-80% of on-site accidents
  • Stress is likely the underlying cause for more than 80% of doctor visits
  • Stress in the workplace has been shown to lead to metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and mortality
  • Hierarchies themselves can produce negative effects, leading to heart disease and death, especially the lower one’s rank on the totem pole or when leadership behaviors produce high levels of stress

Aside from the apparent assault on employees’ health, high-stress workplaces can become costly where employees are disengaged, meaning absences are more likely and errors are frequent. Loyalty is another concern, with research showing nearly 50% increased voluntary turnover in organizations not attuned to the importance of low-stress work environments. Attaching a dollar amount to such damages, the Center for American Progress estimates an investment of approximately 20% of each lost employee’s salary to replace them.

For all these reasons and more, Oxford commits to cultivating a healthy culture where our employees and consultants feel valued and cared for, empowering them to foster human connections with our clients. By supporting a positive and low-stress workplace, we can bolster a “pay-it-forward” energy that amplifies our ability to help others reach a place of success via a positive and nurturing experience with us.

Oxford is Committed to Development 

The modern world is ever-changing. Therefore, to be successful, your organization must promote ongoing development as the workplace evolves to stay competitive. Static career paths are a thing of the past, with employees often seeking new opportunities and challenging growth prospects to keep them engaged and feeling motivated in their respective roles or industries.

A global report conducted by LinkedIn found that nearly 60% of employees valued professional development as a top priority, critical to the overall culture of an organization, meaning employers should highly promote it.

Committing to employee development is about more than simply learning new skills (i.e., onboarding). It’s also about expanding on existing skills and keeping employees’ knowledge relevant and fine-tuned. Ultimately, employee development and training programs should be sustainable and impactful, helping to keep employees involved in their career advancement and engaged with the company and its purpose.

When done right, development can be beneficial to both employees and employers. Employers will be able to attract and retain superior talent, and employees will remain relevant, productive, loyal, and invested in their careers. Overall, the business has the potential to flourish in an environment where everyone is sharing in growth and prosperity. In other words, when everyone’s capabilities within the organization are maximized, we can better drive innovation, increase efficiency, stay ahead of the competition, and deliver exceptional outcomes, all leading to success.

Oxford is Committed to Action 

Commitment falls flat if it’s not accompanied by action. Most are familiar with the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.” Simply put, when one commits to something, they need to follow through with the process or the steps required to carry out that commitment or bring it to life.

The concept should be reciprocal. Our actions should tell a story about who we are, and that story should align with what’s most important to us or what we have obligated ourselves to.

Oxford is hopeful that our daily interactions with our clients, employees, consultants, and partners demonstrate our commitment to success via our actions. We have practices to help us act quickly in response to demands. Often, we strive to work proactively, anticipating needs and industry progressions or evolutions to portray to others our commitment to the overall objectives of our vocation and the fulfillment of each desired goal.

We genuinely believe that our success is contingent on the success of others, so we act in ways that acknowledge everyone’s participation in the process, thereby involving others in our triumphs.

Oxford Commits to Its Clients and Consultants 

Committing to success means committing to all the things that accompany success, including the people you partner with in business. People help shape goals and drive outcomes, so we wouldn’t have anything to succeed at without people. That is why Oxford values its relationships that are integral to its success.

We want a satisfactory experience for all, meaning showing our level of commitment in everything we do by producing quality work and tethering ourselves to fluid goals and corresponding outcomes or achievements. So, when you work with Oxford, you know what you’re going to get—a group of passionate individuals, strong leaders, and determined experts committed to seeing you succeed.

Quality. Commitment.

Whether you want to advance your business or your career, Oxford is here to help. With nearly 40 years’ experience, we know that a great partnership is key to success. Start a conversation today.