September 6, 2022

Meet Sjors: Master Data Specialist, Laboratory Services

Meet Sjors: Sjors has been working with Oxford since October 2020, when he applied for a role in our lab division. Initially, the position he applied for did not align with his goals, so his recruiter helped him find something both challenging and exciting. Sjors said that his relationship with his recruiter feels equal, and he appreciates his enthusiasm and willingness to help.

Sjors has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, which he leveraged in his most recent role working at a lab to maintain their laboratory management system. He troubleshooted any IT issues and ensured the system ran smoothly.

Early in his career, Sjors worked on a project for a laboratory in the Netherlands that received products created in Britain. However, because of complications due to Brexit, the production of the products had to be transferred to the Netherlands. Then, several product templates had to be built into the laboratory management system. Sjors ensured each product was correctly input into the system and followed the necessary regulatory requirements. Because they were tied to a three-month timeline and there was very little in-house expertise, Sjors could guide the team and create the appropriate processes to get the job done.

Sjors had a very straightforward strategy for completing the project on time: to carry out what needed to be carried out. It was a challenge, but with focus, determination, and hard work, the project was completed by the assigned deadline.

Another challenge Sjors has faced as a consultant was rebuilding a laboratory scheduling system. Initially, environmental monitoring and testing were completed monthly, weekly, or daily. Instead, a supervisor determined the system should be set up by room. There was minimal margin for error in the initiative, as any missteps could lead to non-compliance. However, Sjors took the project on in stride, completing the project and significantly impacting the lab.

When asked what advice he would give to other consultants, Sjors shared: “Keep an open mind and be creative to find solutions. Try to get to know the systems you’re working with and fully understand the possibilities because that’s how you’ll grow.”

Sjors lives on a boat with his cat, Captain, and likes to produce music and rock climb in his spare time. On the weekends, he enjoys traveling and attending festivals with his girlfriend.

His contributions to the labs in which he works are invaluable, and his ability to find creative solutions makes him an excellent consultant to work with.

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