October 25, 2018

Meet Shane: Robotics and Controls Automation Consultant

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Solving immediate problems and making a long-term difference.

Meet Shane: Shane is well-known in his field as “The Fixer.” He’s proven himself as a leader in robotics and controls automation who brings solutions and optimizes processes for clients across the country. With over 23 years of experience, he’s completed more than 100 projects for a range of industries: automotive, steel, food and beverage, packaging, medical device and pharmaceutical, just to name a few.

About his most recent project: When a global automotive interiors manufacturer encountered problems with their paint line and operating systems, they needed an expert to help resolve their issues. Oxford made the right connection to ShaneWith his extensive background in automotive manufacturing and industrial controls, he had the exact skills and knowledge required to meet the challenge.

That’s why Shane was the top choice for this project. Oxford’s client had purchased a new paint line that relied on paint robotics with a flame spray robot. Unfortunately the paint system was not set up to run effectively. They were experiencing quality defects and downtime, causing major delays to the product line. To make matters worse, the client’s robotics engineer left the company on short notice.

Shane stepped in to immediately decipher issues and rectify problems related to system faulting. He led a team of three engineering consultants on the project. This included recoding the robot, making mechanical adjustments, and identifying additional processes necessary for production support.

With his expertise and guidance, he kept the line running and optimized system performance to improve quality and production rates. As a result, the client extended his contract by 6 months and asked him to help select new hires and train their internal team for ongoing maintenance.

Shane attributed communication to be the most important aspect to success. “Understanding problems, customer expectations, and desired outcomes upfront helps to make sure the right plan is put in place,” said Shane. “Keeping communication lines open is essential to discussing action steps, issues that arise, and how to resolve them.”


Throughout the paint robotics project Shane established himself as a trusted and reliable consultant, so much so that the client requested Shane to help with a new assignment at another manufacturing location across the country. The client needed to meet a standard to supply parts for a large luxury automotive customer. They were experiencing system failures to their part machines and facing the possibility of losing their contract if these issues weren’t fixed by the next inspection date.

Shane was asked to conduct an in-depth evaluation and contingency plan. This included his consultation and guidance on a Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) initiative to help identify system failures. He led a team of three engineers to conduct data analysis and data manipulation on machines that manufactured automotive parts. With Shane’s guidance, the project team improved processes to shorten lead time and meet quality requirements.

Shane also helped put a backup plan in place for equipment failures. Previously, if an error occurred on a machine, the client’s production line would completely halt until the machine was repaired. So counter measures were put in place to immediately activate an alternate machine to run parts if a failure occurred in the future. This process ensured the production line would stay up and running smoothly.

Based on the strategy and guidance provided, the client achieved their compliance goals and kept their contract in place. Shane not only fixed their issues, but also optimized their processes to be more efficient and profitable. By going the extra mile on every project, he goes beyond solving immediate problems, and focuses on making a long-term difference. That’s why he’s made such an impact at Oxford, and with every client he supports.

Why Shane Works with Oxford: Oxford has been a great partner. I receive all the information and details needed to deliver my best work, and there is really good communication throughout the project,” said Shane. “I’m looking forward to discovering more opportunities with Oxford.”

Quality. Commitment.

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