April 18, 2019

Meet Mirjam: Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant

Meet Mirjam: Last year, Oxford connected with a new consultant named Mirjam. She had just recently left a permanent role she was unhappy with, and serendipitously, an Oxford recruiter reached out with an opportunity. “A lot of recruiters don’t really approach you with [an assignment] that actually fits,” she said, so when Oxford contacted her, it was a refreshing change.

Meet Mirjam

As an expert in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX software, Mirjam is in high demand in her industry. She has been working with ERP systems since 1996, and after a brief foray into .NET, she returned to her true passion of working with ERP systems. Her 23 years of experience gives her a deep understanding of the processes involved in working with these programs. After being responsible for registering invoices and payments in one early position, and then working in procurement and sales for a wholesaler, she developed a keen understanding of user experience. This has given her a unique perspective among developers, which allows her to come up with creative solutions to any given issue. She enjoys connecting with users and participating in the design process.

About her most recent project: On her latest project, Mirjam was faced with a very large Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. An Oxford client had implemented the program in a few locations, and she joined the team to help our client bring the rest of their sites on board. Due to the sheer amount of users and number of existing customizations to the system, Mirjam made it a priority to communicate with her team so that she understood all aspects of the project. She vetted her ideas with experienced team members who had been working on the project, until she felt confident that her ideas would work. Then, once she had all the information, she was able to use her highly analytical mind to reverse-engineer positive outcomes throughout the duration of her placement.

When speaking of her philosophy on this recent project, and in general, Mirjam said she did not submit anything until she was certain it was of the highest quality. For her part, “making sure my assignments are well developed, robust, [and] well tested” was the priority. She used her expertise to provide support to the team and focus on areas where they would have to pay extra attention.

Mirjam’s first venture in consulting has been a learning experience, to be sure. However, her vast experience in ERP systems makes her a great fit for Oxford and any future assignment she is placed on.

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