November 5, 2021

Meet Anthony: Senior Consultant, Quality Assurance

Summary of Anthony's years with Oxford, and more informationMeet Anthony: Anthony has been working with Oxford since September 2019, when a recruiter contacted him with an exciting opportunity. Although he had held permanent roles in the past, he discovered that he enjoyed the flexibility and challenges of consulting. He also enjoys setting and reaching goals and making a difference for his clients. Since he started consulting, he has kept in contact with his recruiter; speaking to him at least once a week.

Anthony holds a degree in pharmaceutical sciences with concentrations in Toxicology and Chemistry and has been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry since 2000. His primary areas of experience are quality assurance, compliance, sterility assurance, microbiology, and quality control. Anthony said the most satisfying work he has done in his career was helping several organizations get critical products approved for distribution, including multiple vaccines.

About his most recent project: Anthony partnered with a large pharmaceutical organization ready to distribute its COVID vaccine to the market. They needed assistance with batch record review, and Anthony was up for the challenge, despite the short turnaround times and a considerable backlog of records. Anthony ensured that each batch record was properly allocated and prioritized and, as a result, was able to help the company hit the ground running. Because he had a great rapport with his team, Anthony’s role evolved into a leadership position wherein he communicated essential updates to all parties — from the client to the manufacturers.

When asked about the most significant part of this assignment, Anthony shared,

“It was pretty momentous when we hit the milestone for the number of vials released to the market. My team has continued to exceed expectations, and when I see a friend or family member receive a vaccine from a batch that I reviewed and was released to the market, that’s a pretty special feeling.”

Anthony would advise other consultants in his field,

“Stay the course. Consulting can become very hectic and demanding of your time, but when you realize you are working towards personal and company goals and objectives, it makes it easier to give it 100%. Remember, you may have some project downtime after the assignment is completed, so give your current assignment 110% at all times. In doing so, you will build connections and create opportunities for the future.”

As far as being a Leader, Anthony lives by the motto “no one achieves greatness on their own” and could not have achieved success without having a strong team around him.

Outside of work, Anthony loves to watch his sons play hockey and spend time with his wife and 19-month-old daughter.

Anthony’s contributions to projects have led to a world of difference in the distribution of vaccines and other vital, lifesaving products. His natural leadership skills and willingness to give it his all have led to outcomes that have genuinely changed the world.

Quality. Commitment.

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