September 14, 2018

Meet Amy: EHR Implementation Training Director

Bringing it all together: knowledge, people, and technology.

Meet Amy: Amy is known for leading successful EHR implementations. Her background includes 28 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with more than 10 years of directing training management programs for IT enterprise projects. She holds an MSHI, MSN, and RN. By bridging the gap between operational, project, and technical teams, she delivers quality solutions to improve outcomes for clinicians and patients.


About her most recent project: When a health system encountered setbacks with an Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation, they needed the right guidance to get the project back on track. Oxford connected them to an industry expert: Amy. With her in-depth understanding of project management, enterprise-wide training methodologies, clinical informatics, and software development, she was able to quickly assess circumstances and put the right solutions in place.

When Amy first stepped onto the project she was asked to provide advisory guidance. The client’s training program was four months behind schedule. Based on the situation at hand, the client was considering the need to postpone their Go-Live date, which would result in major implications to their timeline, planned resources, and budget.

As a first step, Amy conducted a root-cause analysis to identify key issues. Based on her findings and recommendations, they asked her to apply an action plan and maintain close oversight on the program.

“It’s crucial to understand each unique environment and the interrelated functions of teams on a project. Every organization is different and those components should always be considered,” said Amy. “Applying best practices to meet each client’s specific needs provides the framework and stability required for long-term success.”

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Within 30 days, Amy restructured training processes and got the project back on schedule. She steered project plans, workflows, educational requirements, team roles and responsibilities, curriculum development, and training delivery. By redesigning the program with existing resources and streamlining processes, the client successfully met both Good Install and Good Maintenance goals, all within their existing budget parameters.

“Getting the right fit for each role is very important. Everything fell in place once there were clear objectives and responsibilities assigned,” said Amy. “Everyone was able to work together and get up to speed.”

Based on the strategy and guidance she provided, the client achieved a successful implementation. Amy not only helped the client reach their target Go-Live date, she also developed Post Go-Live plans to ensure a smooth transition after the launch.

With a deep understanding of the healthcare environment, clinical and revenue processes, Amy applies her collective approach by aligning cross-functional teams to reach common goals, while also delivering efficiency and long-term stability. She brings it all together to provide comprehensive solutions. That’s why Amy makes a difference at Oxford, and with every project she supports.

Quality. Commitment.

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