June 4, 2018

Highlight These 5 Traits and Land Your Dream Job

Companies across the globe are looking to grow, and that requires the right talent. Making sure they find the best and brightest means they are looking beyond core technical expertise for people that embody the right soft skills too. An important part of preparing for an interview is determining how to present your skills, overall abilities, and professional mindset to get the job offer.

How do you stand out from the crowd and show that you’re the best fit? Defining and communicating how your skills align with a company’s objectives to a recruiter or hiring manager isn’t always easy, so we’ve provided some insight to help you when you’re trying to best represent yourself and your talents.

Consider how your experience represents each of the below traits and be prepared to talk about: 

  • Perseverance – Show that you have the ability to adapt to change, keep trying, and deliver results regardless of obstacles. Provide examples of how you have persevered in your professional or personal life.
  • Integrity – This quality is essential in any business, whether you’re working with confidential company information, consultants, clients, or colleagues. Proving this during an interview may sound difficult, but remaining honest and authentic on your application and in your interviews is the first step. We all want to put our best self forward, but misrepresenting your experience or abilities will hurt your reputation much more. Most employers don’t expect candidates to meet every criteria, so simply stating where you’d need to learn or be willing to challenge yourself will serve you better in the long term.
  • Self-Motivation & Drive – Employers are looking for self-starters with the drive to exceed expectations, so it is important to show your work ethic and accountability. Be prepared with a personal story about setting a goal and achieving it or simply your diligence in working towards it. It doesn’t have to be in your career, either – stories about taking on a new hobby, running your first marathon, or challenging yourself to a summer reading list are also good examples of setting your own goals and working to achieve them.
  • Active Communication – This skill is vital for building relationships and ensuring understanding both internally and externally. Showcase your communication skills by listening intently and taking time to formulate responses even if you’re nervous.
  • Inquisitiveness – People with the innate desire to learn and who are excited about taking on new challenges are very attractive to employers that require their employees to deliver measurable results. To communicate your inquisitiveness, come prepared with some of your own questions that will reflect your desire to know more about the company.

The most important thing to bring to any interview is specific examples. Tell a story that demonstrates your work and these key qualities.  If you don’t have the exact match in years of experience, talk about your motivation and drive. Above all, be authentic. These skills will only shine through if they are truly a part of you.

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