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High-Volume COVID Testing Operations

Co-Branded Marketing
Hiring Campaign
Quick Start
Sample Reception
Sample Logistics
Data Analysis
Oxford provided laboratory support to fulfill a testing capacity of 12,000 samples per day.
The Challenge

A renowned clinical diagnostics center opened a new high-volume testing lab and was under extreme pressure to scale up testing capacity and meet staffing demands within six months. 

The Solution

Based on previous experience in COVID-related projects, Oxford and the client entered into a partnership. Under the challenging time restraints, Oxford first created a dedicated project team. Our initial steps included a co-branded recruitment campaign involving digital and printed (local) media. In the first weeks, Oxford screened over 2,000 local candidates in internal and external databases. Selected candidates were onboarded at the earliest convenience. 

The Result

After a trial day, over 95% of candidates were retained. Testing was performed in shifts and on weekends. Oxford provided a planner to carry out this process smoothly. Besides providing on-site laboratory staff, Oxford took on an advisory role to help the project move along efficiently. Based on our suggestion, work processes were adjusted so recruited non-lab educated workers could support laboratory staff with basic tasks, such as sample logistics and sample preparation, thereby enabling higher output.  

The project was completed timely and successfully, fulfilling the goal of rapidly expanding the new facility operations and reaching a testing capacity of 12,000 samples per day.