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EASA Certification with DO-178C Support

Software Testing
Software Requirements
Software Based Quality Engineering
Software Based Project Lead
Seven consultants with DO-178C expertise.
The Challenge

While working towards EASA certification, our client struggled to achieve the project milestones to the satisfaction of the requisite Notified Body. As a result, this multinational aerospace and defense technology company reached out to Oxford Global Resources to provide consultants to help them complete the required activities for certification. The client’s incumbent engineering partner had failed to reach the necessary project milestones and the client was facing a significant financial penalty unless the software coding could be re-worked to achieve EASA approval.

The Solution

Oxford provided a team of seven highly-experienced consultants over 18 months. Their knowledge of working on other DO-178C related projects allowed them to work closely with the client’s team, their external partners, and other shareholders to ensure that SOI 2 and 3 audits were compliant with EASA guidelines. Additionally, the consultants worked full-time hours and overtime as needed to ensure the project requirements were completed within the expected timeframes.

The Result

The audits for stages two and three were completed on time, EASA certification was approved, and our consultants continue to support their efforts through the remaining phases. The Oxford consultants went above and beyond expectations to ensure this client reached their project milestones to the satisfaction of both internal and external stakeholders.