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Analysts Required for Large-Scale COVID-19 Testing

Laboratory Services
Clinical Research Organization (CRO)
Drug Development
RNA Biomarker Discovery
Biotech Lab QC
RNA/DNA Extractions
Medical Lab Experience
Six positions filled within 48 hours.
The Challenge

The Belgium government was seeking partners to aid in their efforts against COVID-19 by testing samples. To that end, they reached out to an organization specializing in RNA analytics and other high-end applications that support pharmaceutical research, clinical trials, and diagnostic test development.

The company, Biogazelle, had previously partnered with Oxford Global Resources, and decided to work with us on this project due to the excellent caliber of candidates that we were able to provide in the past. For this specific project, they entrusted us to screen, interview, and select the appropriate candidates.

The Solution

To accommodate the volume of testing required, 15 QC Laboratory Technician positions would be needed, and given the urgency of the global pandemic, it was critical to fill the vacancies as soon as possible. We immediately set up a team of three recruiters to locate the right candidates with relevant, hands-on laboratory expertise who would be available to join this initiative.

The Result

Oxford successfully proposed 15 qualified Laboratory Technicians within five days, with the first six positions filled within 48 hours. This team of consultants remain on task to ensure the organization’s commitment to the government is fulfilled.