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Oxford assisted an online retailer with AWS cloud migration
Case Study
New E-Commerce On-Prem to AWS Cloud Migration

To meet growing e-commerce needs, an online retailer decided to migrate all customer-facing services to a cloud-hosted environment.


Hayley discusses what it's like to work with Oxford
Spotlight On: Haley Langhorne, Cincinnati Market Manager

Haley Langhorne is motivated, organized, and sets an excellent example for her team. She leads with a sense of humor and transparency, making her a dependable leader.

Joel discusses his role at Oxford
Spotlight On: Joel Schneider, Minneapolis Market Manager

Joel’s approach to leadership creates a channel of open communication. He values organization and the opinions of those around him.


Workday support saved $100,000 in licensing fees
Case Study
Workday Support Saves Client $100,000

A white shoe law and lobbying firm was in the midst of a migration from Workday Studio to Kronos Workforce Ready™. 


The right person will deliver the right results for your organization right when you need them to.
Who Do You Want Working With You? Oxford Supplies “The Right Talent. Right Now.®”

When you're faced with a challenge that needs an expert fix or you have a project that must get done fast, you need The Right Talent for the job. 

As the healthcare industry continues to recover post-COVID-19 and budgetary constraints ease, implementing advanced IT initiatives can help you remain competitive and connected with your patients.
COVID-19 Healthcare Market Impact and Post-COVID-19 IT Trends in 2022-2023 

COVID-19 led to staff shortages and budget cutbacks in healthcare. But advanced digital initiatives are vital as the industry continues to recover post-pandemic. 

Nine ways to protect yourself during Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Nine Ways to Protect Yourself during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Did you know October is Cybersecurity Awareness month? As technology advances and information becomes more available, it’s more important than ever to know how to protect yourself. 

Hugh talks about day to day life as a consultant
The Global Consultant Podcast Episode 1: Hugh Perry

Welcome to the Global Consultant Podcast! Meet Hugh Perry, Cloud Practice Director. He discusses what drew him to consulting, tips, and more!

Chase has built a leadership style focused on empathy
Spotlight On: Chase Scott, Columbus Market Manager

Chase Scott, Market Manager for the Columbus area, is an exemplary leader in Oxford who prioritizes an empathetic viewpoint.


Change champions help guide employees through changes in the workplace, so they understand how the change will impact them and what’s expected of them to succeed.
The Importance of Change Agents, Sponsors, and Champions in Organizational Change Management

Organizational change is inevitable for growth and long-term viability. It helps to have company leaders who can encourage others to recognize the value of change.  

Sjors creates positive outcomes for his laboratory teams
Meet Sjors: Master Data Specialist, Laboratory Services

Sjors has been working with Oxford since October 2020, when his recruiter helped him find a challenging, exciting position. 


Enhanced organizational change management can help your organization and its people move to a cloud ERP system painlessly, effectively overcoming generational gaps and other barriers.
The Importance of Enhanced OCM when Moving to Cloud ERP

With the right methodology and expertise, your organization can overcome generational gaps and other barriers to make a successful move to cloud ERP.