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Optimization and Migration to AWS Cloud Environment

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In-depth knowledge of AWS security features.
The Challenge

A private research university decided to optimize its cloud environment and migrate its OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) cloud. This initiative required a resource with knowledge of the security features of the AWS platform. The university needed to review the architecture for both network and applications and ensure the solution was secure for their onboarding workloads. The infrastructure needed to be built with some of AWS’ key services.   

Because the client lacked in-house AWS knowledge regarding security and application configuration within the cloud, they took advantage of Oxford’s expertise. As a result, they could better understand the security of AWS Architecture within their applications. If the client could not complete the build, they would have faced more significant security issues in the future. This migration provided cost savings by moving to the cloud, providing the fundamentals of a true disaster recovery (DR) solution in the future. 

The Solution

We reviewed the proposed architecture and applications. Our expert team recommended and identified possible risks associated with the architecture: 

  • Flow of Information  

  • Access to the information from the website 

  • Hardening of the infrastructure within the cloud (EC2, RDS, and S3) 

The Result

Once Oxford completed the review and outlined the risks, the university team could modify the intake form to prevent information input, ensure a secure migration into the cloud, and provide information security at rest and in transit.