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Hypercare Support for SAP Go-Live

Food & Beverage
SAP Go-Live and Hypercare Support
SAP PP (Discrete) and PP-PI (Process)
30 consultants providing 24/7 support.
The Challenge

An international food manufacturer with 35 locations across the US and Canada was in the midst of a multi-year SAP™ project. They had completed go-live in Canada, but due to travel restrictions around COVID-19, they could not complete the go-live support for their plants in the US. This go-live was critical for the client’s pending acquisition, so it needed to be completed on time and within budget. The client had previously worked with Oxford consultants, so the choice to reach out was simple.

The Solution

To support the two-phase plan, Oxford provided 12 consultants within three weeks to help on-site go-live activities. For the second phase, we supplied an additional 18 consultants in two weeks. These 30 consultants conducted hypercare support activities — working 60-80 hour weeks with 24/7 availability to address any concerns or issues plant workers had post-go-live. 

The Result

The client was so comfortable with and pleased by the resources we provided that they extended the support four weeks. Due to the assistance of our consultants, the client’s team was successfully trained on the new system, and the go-live was completed on time and within budget. Since the completion of this project, the client has announced their acquisition.