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COVID-19 Testing Facility Validation and Full Lab Team

International Testing Laboratory
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Laboratory Management
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Full team of 100 lab professionals provided.
The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic required all governments, organizations, and individuals to work together in unprecedented ways. As part of the Netherlands’ efforts to rapidly increase COVID-19 testing, an international testing laboratory stepped in to provide their services to the government. They committed to opening a new testing facility, but faced challenging timelines — the entire facility needed to be validated in approximately three weeks, and they would need to ramp up testing and personnel at an unprecedented pace. As a result of their established partnership with Oxford Global Resources, they reached out to us to help them find the talent they needed to accomplish their ambitious goals.

The Solution

We appointed a qualified Project Manager to perform key tasks in supporting the logistics of their initiative. From there, the scope expanded and the client determined they would need a full team of at least 75 Lab Assistants, Technicians, Operations/Quality Managers, Team Leaders, and QA Officers to ensure the site was fully validated and testing capacity could rapidly scale according to the client’s needs. As part of our approach, we formed a dedicated recruitment team consisting of an on-site Account Manager and experienced Recruiters. In the initial phase of the project, a large marketing and recruitment campaign was launched on relevant job boards and social media. We enlisted the full force of Oxford’s recruiting capabilities and contacted over 2,000 candidates in our network within the first few weeks. The success of this project was due to the trust the client had in our capabilities and recruitment process. Most employees were hired based solely on Oxford’s assessment of their qualities without an additional internal interview. The client was also receptive to our advice when it came to legislation, establishing an onboarding process, and rostering.

The Result

During the initial phase of the project, Oxford provided key personnel necessary for validation and the start-up phase of the facility (e.g. Operations Managers, Team Leads, a QA Team, etc.). Once the site was operational, we provided qualified Lab Assistants and Technicians on a weekly basis. As a result, we were able to establish a team of over 100 workers over the course of five months. In doing so, we filled over 96% of the jobs we received. Currently, the facility has reached its goal of a test capacity of 35.000 samples per day with the expectation that this could be expanded to 55.000 tests per day when the facility is operating at maximum capacity. Through this collaboration and the combined efforts of our teams, we have made a difference in the fight against the global pandemic.

Chart depicting number of active workers over time