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Discover how a team of Oxford consultants helped migrate to a new SD-WAN solution across 200 sites ahead of schedule. 

Spotlight on Collin Goodrow
25 May

Spotlight On: Collin Goodrow, Director of Strategic Accounts, Life Sciences

A Director of Strategic Accounts at Oxford should be an organized, thoughtful team player. Collin Goodrow embodies those qualities and more. For the past five years, he has made significant contributions to the successful life sciences division at Oxford, and he continues to learn and grow along with his team.  

Collin Goodrow

Q: What is your professional background?

Spotlight on Catherine Malli-Dawson
25 May

Spotlight On: Catherine Malli-Dawson, HIM Practice Director

Catherine Malli-Dawson, HIM Practice Director, is a highly accomplished, multifaceted professional who approaches each project with a calm, yet savvy demeanor. Her ambitious nature and real-world experience make her a truly valuable partner with endless knowledge to offer.

Catherine Malli-Dawson

Q: What is your professional background?

A doctor in his office
25 May

COVID-19 Condition Code “DR” and Modifier “CR”

With fluctuating volumes of COVID-19 cases and the unknown elements of infection and reinfection, condition codes and modifiers are being appended to every claim associated with COVID-19, whether it is a confirmed or suspected case. Appropriate processing of claims is important not only for reimbursement purposes, but also for data collection, and having an understanding of these codes will allow for greater visibility and ease of reimbursement.

Consultant Spotlight: Meet Ralph
25 May

Meet Ralph: Project Management Consultant

Meet Ralph: Ralph is a project management consultant and subject matter expert in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, facility design, and regulatory compliance. He received a mechanical engineering degree from LeTourneau University. His industry career began at a major water heater manufacturer where he worked as a junior project engineer. From there, his career progressed to a Director of Engineering role at a biotech company.

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25 May

Top Tips to Ensure Effective Communication and High Productivity in a Remote Environment

Whether you are new to managing a remote team or you have years of experience working in virtual environments, taking steps to ensure communication and productivity tools are implemented and used consistently is key. How do you keep track and ensure your team is performing at their best? We did our research. We asked around. We consolidated the information we received into a top tips list for you to utilize as you navigate this new world of work with your team.

#1 Key Area: Communication

Two doctors on an internet call.
25 May

Telemedicine and its Expansion in the Wake of COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 virus and the impact of this pandemic around the globe, the way society functions as a whole has been hugely disrupted. Arguably, the industry that has been most impacted is healthcare. Of the myriad changes that have recently taken place, one of the most notable is the increased use of telemedicine due to temporarily broadened access.

Meet Janice
25 May

Meet Janice: Senior Epic ClinDoc and Stork Consultant

Meet Janice: Janice is a Senior Epic™ consultant with certifications in ClinDoc and Stork™. She started her career as a nurse, which offers a unique perspective to every project and enables her to help the physicians and nurses she works with to provide better patient care.

“I love what I do,” says Janice. “I want to be busy, but I also want to make a difference in the world.”

A woman at a computer.
25 May

Recorded Webinar: Working From Home Best Practices

With many organizations transitioning employees and consultants to work remote, this webinar focuses on best practices and the most important items to keep top of mind to make the most of your current remote work situation. This webinar was presented on Thursday, April 9th, 2020 at 11am EDT and 1pm EDT.



A man and a baby working at a computer
25 May

Kids, Fido, and WFH: A Short Survival Guide

Welcome to the new normal. Many of us are now Working From Home (WFH) for the foreseeable future because of the novel coronavirus. And now — our kids are home too. Hello, double-duty! 

Two of the largest school districts in the United States have switched to remote learning in response to COVID-19 — which means a very new reality sets in for many working parents: double duty as a remote employee and educational supervisor.