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Oxford Global Resources Delivers a Partner Managed Cloud for SAP Enable Now

Oxford Global Resources, a leading provider of staffing and consulting services across the United States and Europe, announced today that it has enhanced its services as an SAP partner to deliver a partner managed cloud for SAP® Enable Now.

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Case Study
Epic Team for Implementation and Training

A 392-bed pediatric hospital was beginning an Epic™ implementation and found that their teams were failing their certification tests, and their "big bang" go-live was not on track for the target deployment date. Learn how Oxford's support helped our client meet their deadline. 

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Meeting the Demand Surge in Manufacturing Caused by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to extraordinary challenges for pharmaceutical companies with an unmatched surge in demand for vaccines. This has created a difficult environment for pharmaceutical companies to produce COVID-19 vaccines. Although the request might seem rational, it takes much more time to increase production capacity.

Spotlight on Medical Coding
Spotlight on Medical Coding

Medical coding and billing is a technical and specialized skill that requires these professionals to stay on top of trends, technology, and continued education in order to keep up with new regulations, compliance, and the latest medical coding updates.  

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Case Study
Software Development for Automated Driving

While facing tight monthly and quarterly deadlines from their OEMs, our client needed assistance incorporating LiDAR technology. Discover how Oxford's assistance allowed the automotive supplier to deliver. 

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Case Study
Salesforce Expertise Provided Across Organization

A multinational medical technology company partnered with Oxford to assist with a CRM transformation. Discover how our relationship expanded to allow them to achieve their goals. 

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Case Study
Salesforce Implementation and Global Deployment

A multinational beverage company decided to implement Salesforce™ CRM as part of their Global Digital Transformation (GDX) strategy. Learn how Oxford helped them advocate for the best possible solution. 

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Case Study
COVID-19 Testing Facility Validation and Full Lab Team

The COVID-19 pandemic required all governments, organizations, and individuals to work together in unprecedented ways. Discover how Oxford's support allowed an international testing laboratory to contribute to the Netherlands' efforts against the pandemic.

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Case Study
Standardized SAP HANA Reporting Tool

When an American multinational beauty company wanted to deliver cost savings, they needed to implement a standardized tool to report contribution margins. Discover how Oxford delivered a suite of 14 reports providing detailed, graphical analysis. 

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Case Study
Specialized Support for SAP BW/4HANA Migration

As part of our client’s long-standing relationship with SAP™, they maintain systems on the cutting edge of SAP technologies. Discover how Oxford's support helped them stay ahead of the curve.

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Case Study
SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation

Our client’s goal was to improve, harmonize, and simplify business and IT processes on a global scale through a digital transformation. Discover how Oxford's support allowed them to create greater efficiencies and outcomes.

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Eight Roadblocks to a Successful ERP Implementation

When organizations start an ERP implementation without the right considerations in mind, several things can quickly go awry. To help you avoid these common pitfalls, we’ve compiled a list of the eight most common roadblocks to a successful ERP implementation.