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When your healthcare technology team utilizes effective data recording methods your organization can deliver optimal results to minimize risks and provide appropriate ongoing care to your patients.
Outpatient CDI: Improving Data Quality and Accuracy to Improve Patient Outcomes

With the help of a trusted expert partner, your organization can optimize your outpatient healthcare record methodology to improve patient outcomes. 


With the right strategy and approach, change can be beneficial to both your business and all those working within it
Organizational Change Management (OCM) for Every Business and Every Person

Change is never easy, but it’s necessary when striving for a desirable future for your business. Adopting an effective OCM model can help get you there. 

Inpatient and outpatient coding improved by Oxford's advice
Case Study
Experienced Auditing and Coding Support

Improving hospital and clinic coding and documentation requires the right expertise. Discover how Oxford advised a small hospital to make a difference.

Oxford expands to Antwerp Belgium
News & Events
Oxford Adds Third Office in Belgium as European Expansion Plans Ramp Up

As a global leader in staffing and consulting services, we are expanding into Antwerp, Belgium to provide clients with best-in-class talent and services. 


RPA efforts improved order errors for invalid products
Case Study
RPA to Improve Order Errors for Invalid Products

Eliminating 38 clicks to execute a product deactivation using RPA led our client to incredible outcomes. Our RPA experts helped them get there.

Cloud technology for a greener more sustainable business
Cloud Technology for Your Business May Benefit the Earth

Utilizing cloud technology may benefit the earth by reducing your business' carbon footprint. Propel your business forward into a “greener” future.

Man's hand typing on laptop keyboard
Case Study
Omni-Channel Rollout of C4C System

While in the midst of an omni-channel implementation, our client encountered major integration issues. Learn how we righted the project.

Man coding on computer
Case Study
Digital Platform Build for Global Biotech Organization

A biotechnology organization was experiencing rapid growth and sought to create a dedicated entity focused on Digital Health. Learn how Oxford's experts supported them. 

Woman managing a project
Case Study
Workday Project Management for Greenfield Implementation

To embark on a greenfield Workday™ implementation, our client required an experienced Project Manager.

Orange County Convention Center where SAP Sapphire will be held
News & Events
Oxford Expert Lisa Brendemuehl Attending SAP Sapphire

We are thrilled to announce that Oxford will be attending SAP Sapphire this year. Lisa Brendemuehl will be participating in a Q&A session at the SAP Sapphire conference.

Woman working remotely
Solving the Remote Work Puzzle

What does it mean to work smarter, not harder in terms of business and technology? Training, continued education, and recertification. 

Man working in facility
Case Study
CQV for Rapidly-Expanding Facility

We assisted with Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV) support for a new facility expansion to support our client’s rapid growth. Learn how we delivered in spite of challenges.