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DEI Speaker Spotlight: Noelle Johnson

As we continue to embrace and build upon our DEI efforts, our organization is taking another step to create an inclusive environment for all employees, establish and maintain a diverse workforce, and improve cross cultural awareness in our business partnerships.

Today, we are pleased to welcome the cofounder of Johnson Squared Consulting, a diversity, equity, and inclusion agency who helps businesses with training strategies and all things DEI.

Noelle Johnson has over a decade of experience working in operations and transforming company culture to be more equitable and an overall happier work environment. As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, she works with organizations to find solutions to internal conflicts, facilitates trainings and partners with companies on messaging for DEI efforts and strategies to deploy internally and externally. Noelle has earned a positive reputation for her expertise and has been published in Forbes, Fast Company, Glassdoor, NPR and more. 

To learn more Noelle Johnson and her mission, watch this video:

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